WWE News: Paige’s mother comments on leaked photos and videos


What’s the story

It would be an understatement to say that these compromising pictures of Paige have caused quite a stir in the WWE Universe. Paige’s mother Saraya Knight took to Twitter to show her support to her daughter.

In case you didn’t know…

A few compromising pictures and videos of Paige have been leaked online and are making the rounds across the IWC.While it is yet unclear as to how these photos got leaked over the internet, the entire wrestling community is in quite a shock over this incident.

The heart of the matter

Following the leak, Paige took to Twitter to address the issue. She stated that her photos were stolen and published online without her consent. She also retweeted a tweet by her brother who expressed his support for her in the troubling times.

Following her brother, Saraya Knight, her mother, has also tweeted in support of Paige. Saraya Knight commented on the leak and stated the following.

What next?

Several other celebrities, including Emma Watson, have fallen victim to similar leaks in the past week. It is still unclear whether Paige’s leaks are part of the same online hacks. WWE is yet to respond to this news, and there is even speculation that she could lose her job.

Author’s Take

It is sad to see people exposing the private pictures of others with no regards to their fellow human beings. While the internet community is having mixed feelings over these leaks, it will be up to WWE to handle this crisis in a smooth manner. We hope that Paige recovers from this ordeal with a strong heart and continues to entertain us inside the ring with her usual flair


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